45 W L/G Cylinder Kit


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Front and rear cylinder with 2 pistons rings valve guides and intake manifold nipples installed. For Side Valve models. The piston measures 2.7455 with a .002 clearance and can be bored out to a maximum of 2.745 . Hasting rings and Rowe guides are included. *NOTE: The front cylinder is original army surplus and the rear cylinder is a replica with casting marks by V-Twin MFG. The cylinders include original casting marks! *NOTE: Includes VT #11-0637 Piston Kit Standard with Hastings ring set. Barrels are pre-fit to accept these pistons. Check ring gap before final assembly. Has
49-0380" Chrome spotlamp mount bar is a replica of the original Buco accessory. Bar is curved and features flat ends to accept spotlamp mount stud. 1929-1952 WL

45 W L/G Cylinder Kit Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles