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Who In The Heck is K and G Cycles?

Well, We're Rebels, Bike Geeks and Ph.D.'s… just like you!

There is this umbrella out there where all cool things live. Motorcycles live there, for sure. And just like you… that's what captivated us into strapping on our first motorcycle.  Most of us have lived outside the bike world, too. And, just like you, we love to let our inner rebels out, toss aside our "Ph.D.," "Vice President," “Mom,” “Retired whatever,” or other labels, and just hit the open road.  The faster, louder and badder, the better. And, don’t forget the bling!

That's exactly why I started K and G Cycles in 2006. While it’s easy to find motorcycle parts and accessories all over the Internet, our goal was to create a store that offers something really different than all those other guys.

More Motorcycle Parts, Accessories & Other Stuff in One Place

When you can’t just stop by and say hello to the people you buy your motorcycle parts and accessories from, it becomes even more important that you know who you are buying from and that you can trust them. This is the foundation and the hallmark upon which we built K and G Cycles. Our goal is to earn your business every single time you, our customer, give us the opportunity. If you can’t find exactly what you need from our store, our customer service representatives are just a click away to answer any questions you have so you get the parts you need the first time and every time. We’ll even help you look for the parts and accessories you need all over the world! And we'll pay the shipping for any domestic orders over $99.00! (with some restrictions, of course)

The K and G Cycles Difference

Like we said, you can find whatever you need from that great place where all good things come from – the Internet! At K and G Cycles, however, we believe our customers should be able to find each of the parts or accessories they seek without a bunch of clicking and backing up. So, we have created a simple menu and category system where you can either click or hover to see everything in that category and make your decision faster and easier. It’s all in the wrist and it’s designed to save you time for more riding!

Once you find your selection, you’ll see another big difference from all the other guys – our prices! Because we have designed everything about K and G Cycles to be efficient and effective, we can keep our overhead and prices as low as you’ll ever see. No bulky paper catalogs, no fancy ads in every magazine, and no pretend sales. Just the largest selection of motorcycle parts and accessories anywhere, first-rate customer service, and our goal of 100% satisfaction for our customers.

We offer the largest selection of parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts and accessories, Metric motorcycle parts and accessories, Indian and Victory motorcycle parts and accessories, and Vintage motorcycle parts and accessories anywhere in the world. Let's not forget the amazing selection of Motorcycle apparel and accessories, Motorcycle helmets and accessories, Motorcycle eyewear and accessories, Motorcycle tires, tubes, and accessories, Motorcycle gaskets, seals, and o-rings, and Motorcycle shop tools, chemicals, and supplies. We also carry a wide selection of parts and accessories for Outdoor powersports parts and accessories . And, best of all, it’s always right at your fingertips. K and G Cycles will ship anywhere in the world and we promise to earn your business over and over again!

The K and G Cycles Story

I have always had a love of motorcycles. I became fascinated with vintage motorcycle restoration and have been blessed with multiple national awards for my work. Through this love of all things motorcycle, I decided to launch K and G Cycles in 2006. I looked long and hard for the best people to add to the team and it took over a year of preparation and hard work to get the website launched in early 2007. Since that time, K and G Cycles has expanded its online motorcycle parts and accessories offerings to over 200,000 and we represent products from over 700 manufacturers and all major motorcycle parts and accessories wholesalers. If you can't get it from K and G Cycles, it's probably going to be really hard to find!

There is no rest, however. We are constantly striving to do better for you by adding new product lines, better prices, and the widest possible selection that you will find anywhere! Just think - you can buy an air filter, a jacket, parts for your engine, a magazine subscription, and some great bling and put it all in one convenient shopping cart. This is who we are and this is why we are here. It’s all about motorcycles and you.

Our New South Florida Supercenter Is Here!

K and G Cycles opened its in early 2017! We built a state-or-the-art 7,000sf facility right at the end of the Florida Turnpike. Reknown retail designer, Jeff Grant, did the design for the retail floor. It is like nothing you have ever seen, I promise. When you are in South Florida, we invite you to stop by. You can check out our high-tech retail floor, get your bike serviced, or just introduce your self and talk a little motorcycle. We are located at the Gateway to the Florida Keys (exit zero on the Florida Turnpike) so you will probably want some insider knowledge about Key Largo and Key West - both are a biker's dream come true and a must see when you are down our way.

So, Join the K and G Cycles Family!

Every time you come visit us at K and G Cycles, we will offer you something new, interesting, and informative in addition to our vast product offerings. You can spend some time on our Fan Page on Facebook, spend some time checking our video library on YouTube, or getting the quick low down on K and G Cycles on Twitter. For you pinboarders out there, we have fun every day on Pinterest. We love to make new friends and talk about how we can help you with your passion and ours – motorcycles!

Please accept our sincere thank you for stopping by and giving us a chance to earn your business. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

We are K and G Cycles. Everything Motorcycle. Online. Right Here!

George M. Marakas