750 XL Rear Wheel Hub Natural


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750 XL rear wheel hub is made with alloy construction and features a natural finish. For 40 spoke hole rims. Features knock off threaded end for quick change rear sprockets. Includes 11/16 bearings to fit stock sportster axles that are pre 1979 models and one lock nut. Accepts 11/16 axle shaft and 6-8 gauge spokes. Accepts 38 tooth splined rear sprocket 49 tooth splined engine sprocket and 51 tooth splined engine sprocket. *NOTE: Alloy splined adapter is for sprocket and disc mounting. Disc mounting is a very close fit and should be tapped with rubber mallet - being careful no
45-0108" Chrome front spool wheel hub includes 5/8 inner diameter bearings and accepts 40 9 gauge spokes. 1957-1984 XL

750 XL Rear Wheel Hub Natural Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles