Badlands Turn Signal Load Equalizer Type III


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Badlands equalizer III works flawlessly with the new generation of modules and is compatible with virtually any of the custom turn signals available. This is the hardwire type. Equalizer works great with Halogen and LEDs. This equalizer allows your security system to work properly all the time. If your security light is not functioning correctly or turn signals blink erractically this equalizer will solve the problem. This turn signal load equalizer III will allow you to run emergency flashers for any amount of time with bike running at full battery output is designed for parade
33-2140" Aluminum sport lamp assembly with large lucas lamp and built in plate bracket. Assembly includes a 12 volt 23/8 watt clear bulb and a red lens. *NOTE: For show or decorative use only and is not D.O.T. approved. 1988-2013 FLT 1994-2011 FXD 1991-2010 FXST 1991-2003 XL 1991-2010 FLST

Badlands Turn Signal Load Equalizer Type III Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles