Black 12 Volt Alternator Generator Conversion Kit


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Kit includes black 12 volt alternator correct gear with slinger deflector gear kit oil gasket nut and finned solid state black regulator. Kit specifically for side valve models. The gear that is included in this kit features a built in oil splinger which is necessary for most flat heads. Alternator has 5/16 x 24 mount holes. Earlier cases may require enlarging the mount holes to 5/16. Order mount screws separately. *NOTE: Installation requires drilling out case and cam cover to accept 5/16 screws. Order correct mount screws as required separately. 1930-1936 VL 1937-1948 U 1937-1952 W 1937-1973 G

Black 12 Volt Alternator Generator Conversion Kit Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles