Bobbed 4.0 Gallon Gas Tank


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Bobbed gas tank is a one piece gas tank for use with a cast dash assembly. Includes speedometer cable and chrome divider. Check the tank for flaws and fit before painting. Do not grind or sand the seams or joints. Clean the inside of the tank. it is suggested to pressure test and use a tank sealer. We suggest using Kreem gas tank combo kit to clean condition and seal to help stop leaks and prevent corrosion. Check petcock opening making sure the petcock can be easily installed. Petcock fitting should be masked or plugged during painting for easy installation of petcock. *Note: U
38-0301" Chrome gas cap cover set is large fits over existing caps and features a satellite design with ring. 1980-1999 FLT

Bobbed 4.0 Gallon Gas Tank Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles