DAKOTA DIGITAL Rear Wheel Pickup Sensor 1 1/8" I.D.


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DAKOTA DIGITAL Rear Wheel Pickup Sensor 1 1/8" I.D.
  • Adjustable 255 mph speedometer can be calibrated for any gearing or tire size combination
  • Works with both electronic and cable drive applications
  • Odometer has two resettable trip functions, plus a resettable "Miles-To-Service" warning indicator and an hour meter
  • Tachometer can be calibrated from 1 to 15 cylinders, does not require adapter for use with single-fire ignitions
  • Gear position indicator works with 3- through 7-speed transmissions
  • Adjustable shift point indicator with warning light and output for shift light (shift light indicator not included)
  • Can also display clock, turn signal, high beam, neutral, low oil pressure, check engine, security, ABS, cruise on and cruise engaged and low fuel
  • Voltage readout with low voltage warning
  • Automatic turn signal canceling-compatible
  • Includes "wait/start" and "check engine" lights
  • Performance calculations include 0-60 time, high rpm recall, high-speed recall, 1/4 mile time and speed
  • Also includes oil pressure gauge and oil temperature gauge; sending unit must be purchased separately
  • Chrome bezel with non-glare lens and machined aluminum housing
  • Available with either blue or red LED display
  • Black-anodized bezel kit is available separately for an alternative to chrome
DAKOTA DIGITAL Rear Wheel Pickup Sensor 1 1/8" I.D. Harley Dakota Digital - K and G Cycles