Daytona Twin Tec Electronic Ignition System


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Dual fire electronic ignition system which includes trigger rotor for mechanical advance mechanism. Features a digital set RPM limiter in 200 RMP steps from 5 200 to 7 000 status LED for static timing electronic dwell for maximum ignition energy at high RPM reduced current draw at low RPM and a simple two wire hook up. Reliable starting in all conditions by operating down to below 6 volts and is rated to operate at 260°F System is waterproof and has resistance to vibration and shock. Compatible with original equipment and also aftermarket dual fire ignition coils with 3-5 oh
32-1038" Pack of five Fairbanks-Morse factory aluminum body name tags. Metal magneto name plate features black imprint on aluminum substrate with 2-rivet holes as original. Rivets are not included. For all Joe Hunt Burkhardt Fairbanks-Morse and Morris magnetos. 1971-1998 XL 1984-1999 FXST 1986-1999 FLST 1982-1994 FXR 1991-1999 FXD 1970-1984 FL 1971-1984 FX 1980-1999 FLT

Daytona Twin Tec Electronic Ignition System Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles