DP BRAKES Organic Brake Shoe, Rear, Smooth, Suzuki 86-16


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DP BRAKES Organic Brake Shoe, Rear, Smooth, Suzuki 86-16
  • DP Brakes Brake Pads are designed with sintered metal compounds to give your ATV high-tech performance in all conditions
  • Pads have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance fast
  • DP Brakes design and materials ensure consistent, hard stops and fade-free performance
  • Sintered metal compounds outlast more conventional organic or Kevlar pads
  • See page XXX for brake pad application chart
  • Use DP Brakes Rotors in conjunction with DP Brakes Brake Pads for the ultimate in braking performance


  • ATV brake pads are available in a specialized number of fitments as listed in application chart
  • Equally adept in wet or dry conditions
  • Gray-colored, state-of-the-art zirconium-based ceramic material on back plate works as a heat shield in maximum-stress race conditions
  • Provide a competitive edge under all conditions
  • Excellent initial response and quick break-in
  • High-performance HH-rated friction material
  • No brake fade


  • Bright, attractive pegboard packaging
  • GG-friction rated and made with DP Brakes' proven sintered-metal material
  • GF-rated friction material provides excellent all-around performance with lasting durability
  • Asbestos free
  • Gray-colored aluminum oxide-based ceramic material on rear of back plate keeps heat away from caliper piston and fluid in extreme conditions for fade-free performance
  • Pad compound gives equal performance in wet or dry conditions
  • The ideal replacement pad where durability is the prime requirement
  • TUV/KBA approved to EEC braking regulation 13/05
  • A high-quality brake shoe to expand the DP Brakes ATV line


DP BRAKES Organic Brake Shoe, Rear, Smooth, Suzuki 86-16 Metric DP Brakes - K and G Cycles