EBC Sintered Brake Pads, pads per package 2, Front, Double H, Honda 2004, Kawasaki 08-16, Suzuki 04-15


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EBC Sintered Brake Pads, made in the usa, pads per package 2, Front, specific application, Double H
  • The world's #1 selling organic disc brake pads
  • EBC brake pads contain Aramid fibers; these are man-made high-performance fibers used widely for their light weight, high strength, abrasion resistance and thermal stability
  • Aramid fibers have high strength-to-weight, thermal stability and abrasion resistance to provide advantages over cheaper steel fiber-based products
  • Provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling, even on polished rotors
  • Fingertip control and strong, predictable brake response


  • Provide maximum brake effect and last twice as long as organic pads
  • Feature the HH friction rating - the highest in the industry


  • All-new semi-sintered construction containing 30% copper by weight within an organic matrix
  • Can be used to replace Kevlar or sintered metal compound pads
  • This design combines the long life of a sintered pad with the great feel and lack of rotor damage common with sintered pads


  • Pad blend includes molybdenum metal and tungsten additives to enhance friction performance for the life of the pad
  • The latest in sintered metal brake pad fusion technology
  • No lead, iron or steel additives; no more rotor outline etching or rotor stiction
  • Super-fast bed-in, full friction after 10 to 15 race stop uses
  • Great heat cycle ability; pads cool after the race and perform just as strong the next race day
  • Has the highest friction rating possible - 0.6 - for strong, fade-free stopping power


  • Scooter-specific brake pad compounds
  • SFA pads provide strong stopping power, excellent feel and long pad life
  • Longer-lasting SFA HH+ compound pads are available for select applications; feature sintered copper alloy compound


  • Extreme grip pad compound pads designed for use on race bikes with slick tires and the latest high-performance brake calipers
  • For racetrack use ONLY
  • Fade-free stopping power with fingertip control


  • For racetrack use ONLY
  • New material wears better, causes less rotor/disc wear than previous materials - pads should be good for four or five races of 20 to 25 laps (depending on track lap length)
  • Fade-free stopping power with fingertip control
  • Improved heat cycling - pads can be raced, allowed to cool and be re-used without a loss in brake performance
  • For use on race bikes with slick tires and high-performance brake calipers
  • Provide even higher levels of grip compared to the GPFA pads

NOTE: For brake pad/shoe applications, see page ???.

EBC Sintered Brake Pads, pads per package 2, Front, Double H, Honda 2004, Kawasaki 08-16, Suzuki 04-15 Metric EBC - K and G Cycles