Fat Bob Ignition Switch Component Kit


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Fat Bob ignition component kit for 5-post switches will replace internals on stock original or aftermarket switch. Switch base included.Order switch cover and lock keyhole cover separately. Or reuse your existing 5 post key switch cover and base for accurate restoration! The top cover supplied has a smaller hole to accommodate the key switch provided. Restorer may decide not to use the switch for cosmetic reasons. Will retro fit a stock switch housing and switch mount stand. Switch barrel is slightley smaller in diameter 1/16 less. All parts except switch barrel will interchang
32-1272" Handlebar switch kit in chrome with 60 wire length. Switch kit features a 7 piece wiring set and with back lit LED includes the clutch lever switch on the left side control. The amber LED back lit switch allows you to see the wording and symbols on the switches. Switch positions are made easier to see in conditions with minimal light. The 60 long color coded wire with pin connectors are long enough for taller handlebars and comes with the clutch neutral starting switch which is easily removed if not needed. 1936-1952 EL 1936-1952 W 1936-1963 G 1941-1967 FL

Fat Bob Ignition Switch Component Kit Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles