Generator 3-Brush Armature


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Generator armatures is for 3-brush generators featuring 24 segments in the commutator developed by V-Twin with new tooling. This armature is the later style to accept commutator with the seal. The gauge of the wire in the armature winding measures 1mm. The washer thickness is 3/64 -4/64 . The next washer surface is 8/64 thick with 48/64 outer diameter. This will eliminate any shimming or spacing during assembly. *NOTE: 32E 6 bolt armature diameter range is 31.5mm - 33.2mm Dixie 31.5mm OEM per original armature in new generator. 1936-1952 W 1936-1952 EL 1941-1957 FL

Generator 3-Brush Armature Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles