Linkert Carburetor Bombsight Venturi


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Bombsight Venturi fits 1-1/2 for the brass Linkert carburetors and is the performance dual venturi used on WR MR-3 MR-4 KR and KH models. Has a 1-/32 inner tube suspended in the 1-1/4 main venturi. The construction resembles a WWII bombsight . This venturi will replace those in the MR-3 MR-4 MR-4A and the M53 K-model and also any 1-1/2 bore M series carburetor as a sleeper . *NOTE: Bombsight type venturi's may require a shorter main nozzle. 1941-1965 FL

Linkert Carburetor Bombsight Venturi Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles