Linkert Carburetor Float Bowl Assembly


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Linkert float bowl kit has a bowl with a milled flat top is for Overhead Valve models and is the bean pot style with additional capacity. Larger diameter adds 1.45 cubic inches to hold additional fuel. Extra capacity for racing applications has external bow hex cap. Has 9/16 x 20 hex plug at needle valve opening. Fits all brass linkert carburetors for additonal fuel capacity! NOTE: Original Bean Pot linkert bowl design was developed by Tom Sifton Motorcycle Products. As original float brass top cap is for use on side valve models only. NOTE: Float bowl with drain screw includes
35-1751" 40mm CV carburetor kit includes a replica 40mm CV carburetor manifold adapter intake clamps a late flat intake manifold seal and an adapter ring kit. Throttle is operated by single pull cable operation only not push-oull. *NOTE: Must order correct cable set for your application separately. *NOTE: Includes adapter rings to update o-ring intake port to the late flat style. 0-Special application for linkert carburetors 1948-1952 EL 1948-1965 FL

Linkert Carburetor Float Bowl Assembly Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles