Linkert Carburetor Tool Kit


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Linkert carburetor brass knurled handled tool kit with drill pivots is a 10 piece kit. See instructions on web. Full instructions on web. Kit includes 6 drill pivots and 1 idle slot tool blade. Drill bit sizes include #55 (1.3mm) #53 (1.5mm) #56 (1.2mm) #42 (2.3mm) #72 (0.6mm). The #55 drill bit is used by two different length handles. Slot tool blade sizes include .017 and .009 for all carburetors. **NOTE: For hand use only. 1941-1965 FL 1936-1952 EL 1936-1952 W 1936-1956 G

Linkert Carburetor Tool Kit Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles