Linkert Carburetor Venturi


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This Venturi will downsize the 4-bolt M-74 1-1/2 brass Linkert carburetor so that it can be used on a flathead model that originally had a 1-1/4 carburetor. This Venturi will allow the atmospheric air to pass thru the Linkert carburetor at a faster velocity. This will create a better vaccum to allow the gas to be pulled up from the bowl thru the main nozzle with the result of better starting and greater accelration off the line. The 4 bolt 1-1/2 Linkert carburetor is a good replacement for the 1-1/4 3 bolt Linkert on the Flathead and Indian models. Historical note: Develope
35-0885" This insulator spacer is for a 3-bolt 1-3/8 throat diameter Linkert carburetor to manifold. No gasket is required with the use of this spacer. This spacer is a plastic replica of the original. 1941-1952 EL 1936-1952 WL 1942-1965 FL

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