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Replica Panhead luggage rack feature the 3 channel design. Replica luggage rack replaces OEM #53403-52. Requires OEM #53457-52 Panhead luggage rack stud nuts for installation. The fender must first be drilled for installation. Luggage rack fits on 1949-1957 FL Panhead models with smooth rear fenders however can be retro fitted to other fenders with that share the same width. *NOTE: Muse order hardware separately. *NOTE: This will need modification to fit over chrome saddlebag mount plates. **HINT: Loosen connector rods between the bars mount to struts then re-tighten connecto
50-1667" Servi-car fender features oiled raw steel finish and measures 8 wide. Fender may be cut to length for different applications. Fender is for use on side cars and servi car models. There are 5 holes in the rear for tail lamp mounting. 1948-1952 EL 1948-1957 FL

Panhead Luggage Rack Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles