Parkerized Servi-Car Muffler Hanger Bracket Kit


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This 4 piece servi-car muffler hanger bracket kit is for large out diameter mufflers and features a parkerized finish. Includes strap clamp to mount to battery box tab and 90° angle bracket. Does not include the tube clamp for Servi-Car models using the stock type mufflers or the mount bolt set. The muffler inlet clamp is included with replica servi car muffler. The 6 pieces included in this set are A B C E F G clamps. D clamp is included with the Vtwin #30-0020 muffler. Also included is the parkerized mount bolts for installation. *NOTE: Secures muffler at tail fin joint.
31-9019" Steel fork boot retainer washer for XL models. Sold in a quantity of 2. 1950-1973 G

Parkerized Servi-Car Muffler Hanger Bracket Kit Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles