METZELER Karoo Extreme 150/70R18 Rear Tire


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METZELER Karoo Extreme 150/70R18 Rear Tire
  • The design and layout of the knobs and the overall structure provides extreme traction on the most difficult terrains of the most demanding off-road rallies
  • The vertical line of knobs works as a claw to penetrate the ground and generate traction
  • The block's surface is wide and provides a broad contact patch that ensures grip on hard terrain
  • KAROO™ Extreme combines both natural rubber – for mechanical resistance – and synthetic rubber – for wear and knob-tearing resistance
  • High percentage of carbon black in the compound increases resistance to stress, even at high temperature
  • Improved overall flexibility of the structure provides excellent puncture resistance under low pressures
  • Tubeless (TL) or tube type (TT)
  • Blackwall
  • R-rated for speeds up to 106 mph or S-rated for speeds up to 112 mph
METZELER Karoo Extreme 150/70R18 Rear Tire Tires and Tubes Metzeler - K and G Cycles