Replica Black 6 Volt Coil


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Replica ignition coil is steel jacketed and includes nut packing and wires. The 6 volt coil replaces those on 1930 - 1947 models with a black finish. Use coil mount kit to clamp to frame tube Includes 2 stainless steel 8-32 x 5/8 round head screws (VT #37-0904) for terminals. *NOTE: Check the coil primary resistance requirements from the manufacturers of the ignition being used. **NOTE: The internal winding and connecting wires wer updated mid-2018. ***NOTE:
32-1435" Complete Knucklehead distributor features a nickel plated top cap and base and a chrome bail. This is exact for 1936 61 EL Knuckleheads but will fit all 1937-1947 EL-FL models. Includes correct base with gear and shaft installed and top with correct exit of wire. *NOTE: Wire exist from distributor top not this base. 1936-1947 EL 1930-1934 VL 1938-1947 UL 1941-1947 FL

Replica Black 6 Volt Coil Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles