Rigid Hardtail Rear Frame Section


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Rigid hardtail frame raw steel rear section is 1957 style replica construction with components featuring the factory details of the period. The rear transmission mounts are 2 from the bottom cross beam to the top of the plate. May be used to repair 1948-1957 FL rigid frames or as a hardtail conversion on 1958-1984 FL frames. This rigid hardtail rear frame section includes: rear engine mount center post front transmission mount transmission cross strap spools rear axle plates fender cross tube tool box mount oil tank mount lower fender mount footboard tabs as a welded a
51-0825" Black standard type frame swingarm is for 4-speed chain drive models. Swingarm shock mounts are welded 10.67 back fromt center of swingarm bolt. Bearings and races are not included. For use with banana style caliper only. Can be used on 1973-Early 1978 models but will raise seat height. Tabs for chain guard are 10-1/2 apart center to center. *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged oversize for shipment as compared to the actual weight which will result in higher shipping costs. 1948-1984 FL

Rigid Hardtail Rear Frame Section Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles