Rocker Clutch Pedal Parkerized


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Early style rocker clutch pedal is parkerized as original and includes all components shown. This Rocker Clutch Pedal replica is not exact but is very close in shape and authenticity to the original as used on 1936-37 EL and 1937 UL models. This pedal has a distinctive shape and configuration. The center of the clutch rod stud hole is approximately 5/16 from the lower edge. The heel pad bends outwardfrom the lower edge and the top edge between the toe pad and spring hole features a sharp incline above and around the hole. The pedal does not have the dog leg bend found on late
49-0472" Parkerized rocker clutch bracket. Rocker clutch friction cover not included. Bushings may have to be reamed to fit. *NOTE: Order pedal and hardware separately. 1936-1938 EL 1936-1938 U

Rocker Clutch Pedal Parkerized Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles