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Scooter Chock

Our Scooter Chock is specifically designed to work with all scooters and mopeds, because of our patented fully adjustable cradle.
The locking cradle mechanism safely and securely supports your scooter in an upright position on all transportation platforms. Attaching and detaching the unit takes only a few seconds. Tying down your ride becomes a simple and easy task for one person, and with only two tie-down straps. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your scooter will be once tied down - and you won't need to over-tighten the straps and risk damaging sensitive suspension components.

With the addition of our special Scooter Floor Adapter Kit, (Part #SCFA) you can transform the Scooter Chock into a free-standing unit for use in your garage, or on any flat surface. It will also allow you to transport your scooter in the bed of a pick-up truck, minivan, or large SUV without the need to drill holes anywhere in the vehicle.

Let our Scooter Chock protect your ride and make your life easier!
Scooter Chock Garage and Shop Condor - K and G Cycles

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