Twin Tec TC-88 Ignition Kit


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Twin Tec ignition kit has a black anodized finish billet aluminum housing. Five rotary switches are used to set operating modes such as RPM limits in 100 RPM steps and to adjust timing timing advance and select a multi spark mode for quick staring and a smooth cruise. Coil outputs are protected against short circuits. This single fire ignition kit includes TC88 EX ignition coil and universal wire set for TC-88 carbureted models only. *NOTE: ARB compliant E.O. No. D-641. 1999-2003 FLT 1999-2003 FXD 1999-2003 FXST 1999-2003 FLST

Twin Tec TC-88 Ignition Kit Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles