Wyatt Gatling Exhaust Drag Pipe Set Slash Cut Black


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Stagger style side viper drag pipe set with 2 diameter for XL models with a forward control kit. Drag pipe set includes hardware and features a black finish. Stagger style side Viper exhaust start with a 1-3/4 radius at the head and opens up to 2 cannons. Pipe ends have a slash cut. Comes in a nice chrome finish. Mounting is also made simple with use of a single mounting bracket. Order the mounting bracket separately. Oxygen sensor plug set is included for use on 1986-2006. 2011-2013 models will also require the separate purchase of O2 Oxygen Sensor Reducer Plug Set. Sold in a
30-0493" Turnout slip-on muffler set with dura-chrome finish mounts to existing bracket. Set includes hardware and baffles. Set of two Superlow XL 883L mufflers will give you a horsepower increase straight out of the box. For performance quality and sound there is nothing else like a V-Twin slip-on muffler! Features dura-chrome processing and baffles wrapped in a high-tech mat designed to disperse heat and retain sound. Engineered through thousands of hours of development and real world application and independently dyno tested to guarantee you the best performance and sound in the marke
30-0494" Universal oxygen sensor bung features a zinc plated 18mm threaded fitting that accepts 12mm oxygen sensors. 1986-2013 XL

Wyatt Gatling Exhaust Drag Pipe Set Slash Cut Black Harley V-Twin Manufacturing - K and G Cycles