Engine Crank Pin,W/1 Oil Hole BT Ohv 1941/Early 1981.... Rpls Hd 23961-41 Jims


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Engine Crank Pin,W/1 Oil Hole Bt Ohv 1941/Early 1981.... Rpls Hd 23961-41 Jims
We carry only USA made crank pins and hardware. These are manufactured to exceed OEM specifications. Advanced features of all of our crank pins and flywheel shafts include our 3 hole crank pin design for equal distribution of oil, special thread annealing to withstand extra nut torque, low friction 16 microfinish bearing surfaces, ultra hard 60-63 Rockwell finish, computer machined tapers that guarantee concentricity within .0003, and super tough, aircraft rated Durabar 60® steel. Our crank pin nuts now give the ultimate in flywheel holding power. The mating face of each nut has been ground to a 32 surface finish and held square to threads within .0005. This in turn will pull the shafts straight into the flywheels and simplify flywheel truing. We didn't stop there! Each nut is machined on state of the art CNC lathes and heat treated to make these nuts the toughest and best available on the market. All these products combined give you the finest parts choice in the industry. In addition, Accel Super Shafts and Crank Pins have a LIETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY! rom completely stock to fully modified, Accel's new line of American made severe service crank pins are ultra tough, precision machined and backed with the industry's only lifetime replacement warranty on crank pins.Crank pin. Big Twin OHV 1941/Early 1981, 1 hole.
Engine Crank Pin,W/1 Oil Hole BT Ohv 1941/Early 1981.... Rpls Hd 23961-41 Jims Harley Mid-USA - K and G Cycles